High quality German engineered SiO2-coatings based on Nano-technology for smooth glass and glazed ceramic surfaces.Eurocoat Glass Premium is designed to enable a smooth, glasslike surface to have less contact with dirt particles. The hydro- and oleophobic effects cause particles of contamination such as grease, oil, lime and materials for environmental pollution to adhere less to the substrates and allow them to be easily removed from the coating, i.e. without applying abrasive agents (“easy-clean” effect). An invisible protective layer, Eurocoat treatment does not distort or change the appearance of the glass. It reduces build-up of dirt and scum that everyday cleaners cannot penetrate

Protects Glass and Ceramic from:

  • Salt build up by the sea can’t get a grip and falls away
  • Soap Scum
  • Pollution
  • Water Stains
  • Glass Etching
  • Dirt build-up

Examples of use:

  • Glass surfaces in sanitary areas
  • Glazed ceramic surfaces
  • Window glass + construction glass
  • Automotive and marine glass
Glass might look perfectly smooth to the eye, but if you look at glass through a microscope, you will see that the surface isn’t. Glass looks almost like a moon landscapes or like valleys and ridges.
Because of this, it can be hard to get the glass perfectly clean, as the dirt gets stuck in the “pores”. Watermarks start to build up over time leaving the glass milky and opaque looking.
By doing that the contact surface between the glass and the water drop will be minimal and the water will simply bead off. There will be no unevenness where the dirt and water can adhere and the small amount of dirt that will be left on the surface will be super easy to wipe off.
Water and dirt spread out on the uneven surface filling up these ‘valley & ridges’.
Nano-technology, in general terms is a technology where particles are smaller than 100nm. For example, 1nm is one billionth of a meter. Eurocoat Glass Premium has a chemical basis of SiO2 (modified silicon dioxide) and is very close to the chemical composition of glass. Basically, we use nano sized particles of glass to even out the surface, making it as smooth as possible.


  • Layer thickness: 100nm (invisible to the eye) • Contact angle: 105-109°
  • Heat resistant to 450°C
  • Chemical resistant up to a pH value of 13
  • Permanent UV-stable (does not turn yellow or peel, very resistant to abrasion)
  • Fully stable 24hrs after application (or faster if heat treated)
  • Strong hydrophobicity
  • Strong anti-stick properties
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Food-safe (inert)
  • Excellent easy-clean performance on contamination and lime-scale
  • Aids the removal of Ice, Salt and Mud easily


A Eurocoat Glass Premium treatment will make future cleaning quick and easy. No more scrubbing with harsh chemicals. Follow our advice below and your glass will look pristine for years to come.


Dry down with a squeegee after each shower to remove excess water. Once a week, add detergent or body wash soap to luke warm water, wipe glass down using a microfiber cloth rinse and then a simple dry down with a squeegee to maintain the finish. For stubborn soap build up, clean glass by applying detergent to a white scourer pad.


If glass is located by a swimming pool (chlorine/salt water) or an irrigation system, we recommend regular hose down after use. Once a month with a glass microfiber cloth or squeegee brush, add detergent & wipe glass down, then rinse off. Dry down with a squeegee to maintain the finish. Give glass a light scrub every 2-3 months by applying detergent or body wash soap to the non-abrasive White Scourer Pad. Rinse and dry.


We recommend an easy clean with soapy water once a week (or as often as needed) will keep it looking brand new. Dry down with a squeegee to maintain the finish. Wipe off after cooking. For stubborn grease build up, clean glass by applying detergent to a white scourer pad.


We recommend a hose down after each outing. Some boat owners might also like to squeegee any excess water from glass to maintain the finish.
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