Marine & Boat Surface Protection – Glass, Metals, Plastics And More!

Due to the nature of where they spend their time, boats are among the hardest to maintain of any property or object. Because of being constantly exposed to salt water, surfaces degrade much faster than in other areas, meaning that protection and treatment is even more crucial.

Eurocoat’s marine product range is specifically made to withstand the harsh marine environment to which your boat is exposed to. Metals especially take a beating and if left unprotected, you will soon notice rust and corrosion appearing. Glass can also become stained very quickly and etched over time.


Glass – Eurocoat provides the solution you need if you are looking for a glass solution for your boat or yacht. By treating and protecting glass and windows, you will ensure that you no longer have to put up with water stains, etching and streaks on your windscreen. Not only that, but Eurocoat also ensures that your windows don’t freeze over in the colder months.

Our installers can ensure that it has been applied to your glass correctly, meaning it was last longer and work better.


Plastics – If you are sick of dirty and sticky plastics in your boat or yacht, Eurocoat is for you. Don’t want the colour fading and stains sticking? No problem with Eurocoat’s plastic treatment. Our plastic treatment can be used on any plastic marine surfaces to ensure they are protected as well as rejuvenate and restore their colour and keep them clean.

We have installers who can professionally apply the Eurocoat plastic treatment for you so that you get the most out of it.

Metal – Keeping metals looking good can be a challenging task, especially so in a marine environment. Regular polishing, cleaning and sealing can be a very burdensome process. But Eurocoat’s metal treatment will put a stop to that. When applied, it will ensure that your metal surfaces remain clean, corrosion free and protected with no maintenance. Simply keep them clean and your boat or yacht will shine like new!

Our installers can apply metal treatment to your metals whether stainless, chrome, polished aluminium or other metals for best results. Eurocoat’s Maine range is perfect for all boats and yachts.


Benefits of Eurocoat Marine:

  • German engineered product
  • Maintains the highest quality of finish
  • Non Toxic • Environmentally friendly (NZ ‘Clean Green Image’)

Advantages compared to competitive products

Permanence and longevity: The UV stability enables a function duration for the lifetime of the coated surface – assuming it is not damaged by abrasion. Competitive products like silicon oils or fluorocarbon technologies are slowly destroyed by sunlight.

Abrasion resistance: A permanent chemical bond with the substrate enables excellent abrasion resistance. Competitive products can be easily removed by abrasion.

Chemical stability: The product is cleanser and solvent resistant (up to a pH value of 13). Competitive products do not have this property and must be reapplied. Eurocoat Glass Protection is designed to enable a smooth, glass-like surface to have less contact with dirt particles. The hydro and oleophobic effects cause particles of contamination such as grease, oil, lime and materials from environmental pollution to adhere less to the substrates, and allow them to be easily removed from the coating. An invisible protective layer, Eurocoat treatment does not distort or change the appearance of the glass.

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