Glass Protection & Restoration DIY Kit

As low as $110.00 (incl. GST)

A DIY kit including everything you need to ‘treat and restore’ your used glass! The right tools and products are crucial for a successful application so we have put it together for you.


If your glass is brand new, you can skip the restoration step and get our Glass Protection DIY kit instead! 


Product Features

  • DIY KIT - everything you need
  • Restore your glass to make it look like new again
  • Keep your brand-new glass looking pristine for years to come
  • Protect glass from dirt, salt spray, grease and water stains
  • Great for all types of glass surfaces
  • No more harsh chemicals
  • Low maintenance easy clean
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Optically clear – does not change the appearance of glass
  • UV stable



Product Description

Step 1 - Restoration
Eurocoat Rejuvenator helps restore your glass effectively and quickly by removing dirt build-up, water marks, lime and etching. Used together with our non-abrasive Scourer Pads, it has been developed to penetrate through tough water staining while not scratching your glass surface.

Damaged glass surfaces can be restored up to 90% with the right tools and technique. For heavily damaged glass surfaces you may want to call one of our Approved Applicators for the best result possible.

Eurocoat Rejuvenator can also be used on metal, tiled and ceramic surfaces, so you can use the leftovers for kitchens, bathrooms, handrails and more.

Step 2 – Protection
Eurocoat Glass Premium is a treatment designed to protect your glass surfaces from dirt, grease, water marks, soap scum, salt, lime and etching caused by acid rain or saltwater. Eurocoat treatment forms an invisible skin that does not distort or change the appearance of the glass. Our glass protection will prevent you from needing to restore your glass again for years!

As the treatment prevents dirt build-up and etching, cleaning time will be reduced by up to 90%! No more scrubbing with harsh chemicals needed, it’s a “dream to clean”.

This product is based on the latest nano-technology from Germany and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The treatment is UV-stable and doesn’t peel or turn yellow and has excellent resistance to mechanical abrasion. For more details, see our Facts & Tech page.


10sqm Kit Includes

50ml x Eurocoat Glass Premium
50ml x Eurocoat Preclean
250ml x Eurocoat Rejuvenator
4 sheets x Application Cloths
1 x Microfiber Cloth
5 x Scourer Pads
1 x Application instruction


50sqm Kit Includes

250ml x Eurocoat Glass Premium
250ml x Eurocoat Preclean
250ml x Eurocoat Rejuvenator
1 roll x Application Cloths
5 x Microfiber Cloth
5 x Scourer Pads
1 x Application instructions


100sqm Kit Includes

500ml x Eurocoat Glass Premium
500ml x Eurocoat Preclean
500ml x Eurocoat Rejuvenator
1 roll x Application Cloths
5 x Microfiber Cloth
5 x Scourer Pads
1 x Application instructions


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