FAQ Eurocoat Glass Premium


Does the coating impact the visual appearance?

No. Because of the small layer thickness (100 nanometres), there is no impact on visual appearance or feel of the surface.

How do I know if the treatment was successful?

This is easy to test! Just splash some water of the surface and if the water is beading off, your application was successful.


How long does the treatment last?

Since the coatings are UV-stable, functionality is possible over longer periods of time. Prerequisites are: correct application method, no harsh abrasion & no use of strong chemicals for cleaning. Follow this and the product can last up to 5 years or longer on most surfaces.

How often do you recommend to treat the surface?

When the beading effect disappears, and a good clean doesn’t bring it back (dirt particles sitting on the coating will prevent beading it’s time to re-treat the surface.

How often do you recommend to treat a car or boat windshield?

We recommend to treat your car or boat windshield every 12 months, as the abrasion of the windshield wipers will start to break down the treatment over time.


Can the coating be reapplied?

Yes, in the case of damage e.g through permanent abrasion, it can be reapplied like an initial application.

Can two coats be applied?

Yes it can be, although one coat is sufficient and a second coat won’t improve the performance (if the first coat isn’t damaged or similar).

How much Glass Premium is used per sqm?


How long time does the application take?

For someone that never has used the product before, we estimate a normal sized shower will take approx. 20-30minutes to treat, not including restoration. A used shower that’s a few years old might take 1-1.5hrs to restore by hand, but will vary depending on the condition and size of the glass.

What cleansers can be used to clean the surfaces before application?

For the best result, use Eurocoat Glass Preclean which is an industrial grade cleaner.

After applying Eurocoat Glass Premium to the glass, there is no beading effect!

Brand new showers: Was the surface cleaned with Eurocoat Glass Preclean before application? It could be that the cleaner residue or silicon oil was sitting on top of the glass before coating. To remedy 1). Clean glass with Eurocoat Rejuvenator and non-abrasive white scourer. 2. Wipe glass down with Eurocoat Preclean 3. Finish with applying Eurocoat Glass Premium.

Used showers: Was the glass restored before the application? It’s of highest importance the surface is completely clean before applying the treatment. We recommend you restore the shower and re-apply the product. Pro tip: Shine a flashlight from behind the glass to better see the watermarks and dirt, or the absence of that.

Streaks are visible after application!

These streaks represent material excess. We recommend polishing with a dry clean cloth until the surface is completely dry and the streaks disappear.

Why should I use Eurocoat Application Cloths?

Our application cloths are designed to not absorb the product and therefore the product will last longer.

Product specifications

How does the coating handle abrasion or chemicals?

Eurocoat Glass Premium is characterized by strong abrasion and chemical-resistance.
Chemical resistance: pH value 1-12.5.
Abrasion resistance: after 10,000 wiper cycles the coating has a performance reduction of 10-20%.

Is the coating food-safe?


Does the coating impact the UV irradiation on solar panels?

No. Because of the small layer thickness (100 nanometres), there is no impact on UV irradiation.

What are the main advantages of the Eurocoat nano-glass coating compared to competitive products?

Permanence: Chemical and abrasion resistance, UV stability, low sqm price (consumption is only 5-10ml/sqm).

A glass/ceramic coating protects against what adhesions?

A glass/ceramic coating generally protects against all adhesions. It prevents permanent bonding of the contaminant to the glass surface. Coated surfaces are thus easier to clean.

Can I use Eurocoat Glass Premium on any other surface other than glass?

Yes, Eurocoat Glass Premium can also be applied to glossy ceramic surfaces such as tiles, sinks etc.


The beading effect is not working all of a sudden!

The coating is probably dirty. Dirt particles sitting on the coating will prevent beading. Wipe with a damp cloth and the beading effect will return. After a few years, depending on the surface and surrounding conditions, a re-application might be needed.

How do I maintain a surface treated with Eurocoat Glass Premium?

When you start to see that the beading effect lessens, simply use a microfiber cloth and soapy water to clean the surface. If the surface has a dirt build up, use a non-abrasive white scourer pad with household detergent. Then rinse and squeegee off. Note: this product is low maintenance – not no maintenance.

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