We sometimes get asked by customers if they can apply Eurocoat Surface Protection Products themselves or if they need an Approved Applicator to do it for them. In this article we’re shedding some light on this common question!

What do you want to treat?

The first question you have to ask yourself is what do you want to treat? A shower, 100m2 balustrade, windows, splashback or your car/boat windshield? What is the access to the surface? Would you need a ladder, scaffolding or cherry picker to reach the surface? Do you have access to the equipment and the knowledge, confidence (and in some cases the qualification) to use it? How much time are you willing to spend?

What is the condition of your surface?

Is it brand new or does it have years of wear and tear such as water marks, dirt build up or etching from acid rain or salt water? Generally, if the surface is heavily damaged, we’d recommend to get an Approved Applicator to do the job. Their experience and right tools can make the world of difference.

What is your budget?

What investment are you willing to make in your glass surfaces? We know by experience that treating glass surfaces will prolong the life of the surface considerably, which in the end, will save you money, as you don’t have to replace it to keep it looking good! Especially external surfaces in proximity by the sea. Irrigation systems or shower glass tend to start looking opaque due to water etching and dirt build up pretty quickly. DIY will keep your overall costs down and we provide both written and video instructions to help you on the way.

How important is the finish and how long do you want the result to last?

It’s no secret, the result really is dependent on the application technique. While most people will be able to take this task on themselves and be happy with the end result, an Approved Applicator will make sure the glass is well cleaned and restored by removing any unwanted water marks BEFORE it is treated.  Another added advantage of getting this applied by and an Approved Applicator is the warranty, (which can range from three to ten years depending on the type of surface and how/where it’s used).

When should I treat my glass surface?

NOW! We’re not just saying this to impose our products on you… If you have a brand-new surface, treat it at once to both avoid the need of restoring the glass but also to keep that perfect finish. Used glass can be restored by up to 80% (depending on the damage levels). So, the longer you wait, the “worse” the result can be. Saying that, you’ll be surprised of how amazing a restored glass can look. Our Approved Applicators have restored shower glass over 10 years old, and they look like new again.

Well, you get it…. don’t wait. But if you have waited, it’s still worth it!

This pool balustrade was installed 4 months ago and already showed bad signs of damage (left).  Our Approved Applicators did a great job restoring the glass (right), and now looking like new again with Eurocoat Glass Premium treatment.

How are your general handy-(wo)man skills?

Are you polishing your car for fun or building a new bookshelf yourself because you don’t like the ones that are on sale? Cleaning is your passion and you happily scrub the oven away? You might even enjoy going from surface to surface in your home making sure the glass looks sparkling clean for years to come! (Consider the 250ml bottle of Glass Premium that covers up to 50m2 of surfaces if you know you can’t stop once started)

To be honest, some of us are just not interested in doing it ourselves or we know that we’re better at writing research papers/software code, baking banana bread, we just prefer having a coffee at our favorite café or we simply don’t have any more time for DIY projects (life admin, we get it). Then, our friendly Approved Applicators are here for you.

What is an Approved Applicator?

Last, we’re using the term as you would already know what an Approved Applicator is but let’s explain this too. It’s a person who have done training with the Eurocoat specialists and have ongoing support with Eurocoat to ensure they have the right knowledge and application technique to provide a high-quality service for their customers in the future.

For your DIY projects, learn more about our products and shop them here https://www.eurocoat.co.nz/catalogsearch/result/?q=diy+projects

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