Application Manual

Eurocoat Glass Premium can be applied to all smooth glass surfaces such as showers, windows, windscreens, splashbacks, balustrades etc.

1. Restoration

Brand new glass? Skip this step and head straight to Cleaning.

If the glass has been damaged by watermarks or etching you will need to restore the glass before applying Eurocoat Glass Premium. This typically means showers/windows/splashbacks older than a month, pool balustrade glass close to an irrigation system older than a week, but will vary depending on use and surrounding conditions. Feel free to contact us for advice if you’re unsure.

There are two methods of restoring, by hand or with help of an orbital sander, see instructions below. As a general guide, use our white scourer pads for lightly damaged/stained surfaces or blue scourer pads for heavily damaged surfaces.

Pro tip: Shine a flashlight from behind the glass to better see the watermarks, or the absence of them.

By hand

- Apply Eurocoat Rejuvenator to a scourer and apply thoroughly in a swirling motion for 2-3 minutes on the same A4 sized patch. Then work your way over the rest of the surface, one patch at the time.
- Clean the glass with soapy water and a microfiber cloth, rinse and squeegee off.

Orbital sander

For heavily damages surfaces, an orbital sander will help you get the best result possible. If you don’t have any experience using an orbital sander, we would recommend to restore the glass by hand or call one of our approved applicators.

- Attach a scourer pad (cut the corners off) and apply Eurocoat Rejuvenator. Slowly go over the glass first vertically and then horizontally, to be sure to cover the whole surface. Apply more Rejuvenator to the pad as needed.
- Clean the glass with soapy water and a microfiber cloth, rinse and squeegee off.

2. Cleaning

Before applying Eurocoat Glass Premium, you must make sure that the surface is free of all types of dirt and cleaning product residues.

- Clean the surface with household detergent, if needed.
- Using the Eurocoat Preclean on a White Application cloth, remove any residual cleaning products sitting on the glass surface. (Eurocoat White Application, won’t absorb the product, giving you longer usage)

3. Application

- Shake the Eurocoat Glass Premium Bottle well before starting.
- Spray your White Application Cloth with two sprays or Eurocoat Glass Premium and apply to the surface, using the up and down method. Apply more Eurocoat Glass Premium to your White Application Cloth as you continue to work over the surface. Overall Consumption 5-10ml per sqm.
- Polish with a dry microfibre cloth to avoid any visible product residue

4. Stabilisation

- Done! The coating is stable after 10 minutes. After 24 hours it is abrasion and chemical resistant. Attention: Chemicals with a PH value of 13 and 14 can attack the coating.
- You know the application has been successful if you splash some water on the surface and the water is beading off.

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